Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Limited functionality for specific scenarios
Time zone, to change
Control timedate.cpl
Keyboards and/or language, to change
Control intl.cpl
Set Administrator Password
CTRL+ALT+DEL and click Change password
net user administrator *
Activate windows
Slmgr.vbs –ato
How do you configure Multipath in Server core ( or from commandline)
How do you configure IP Address / DHCP in Servercore
Now, join the server to the example.local domain using the following command:
Netdom join %computername% /domain:example.local /userd:example\Charlie /passwordd:*
Renaming computer also can be done using Netdom command
SCONFIG.EXE helps for all configuration ( In Windows 2008 R2)
How you add Roles/Features in Server core
start /w ocsetup RolePackage
start /w ocsetup Featurename
Note:Use Dism.exe instead of OCSetup in Windows 2008 R2 servercore
Start /w Ocsetup RolePackage
DHCP = DHCPServerCore
DNS = DNS-Server-Core-Role
File Server = File-Server-Core-Role
File Replication service = FRS-Infrastructure
Distributed File System service = DFSN-Server
Distributed File System Replication = DFSR-Infrastructure-ServerEdition
Network File System = ServerForNFS-Base
Media Server = MediaServer
But if its — Active Directory
Dcpromo /unattend:Unattendfile
Dcpromo now installs Active Directory
Ocsetup not supported for Active Directory
How you uninstall Role ?
Start /w Ocsetup Package /uninstall
Except for Active Directory
Patch deployment in Server Core
the command line tool for installing the patch is wusa.exe.
example:Wusa.exe .msu /quiet
Cscript c:\windows\system32\scregedit.wsf /au 4
Net stop wuauserv
Net start wuauserv
If you want to force an update check, you can run:
Wuauclt /detectnow
EventViewer Managment
Viewing events remotely
· Eventvwr -> Connect to another computer
· Event forwarding
Viewing events locally
· Using wevtutil command line
for example:
· List event log types
Wevtutil el
· Show specific log type as text
Wevtutil qe -rd:true –f:text
SCRegEdit.wsf is included in Server Core (windows\system32) to:
· Enable automatic updates
· Enable Terminal Server Remote Admin Mode
· Enable remote IPSec Monitor management
· Configure DNS SRV record weight and priority

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